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The Importance Of Eye Safety

Eye safety is extremely important and necessary if you want to keep your vision. DIY accidents are one of the top causes of eye injuries and also the easiest to prevent. If you are using a lawn mover, saw, sander, drill, or any other power tool you need to wear safety eyeglasses.

Safety Eyeglasses

These specially designed glasses come in different shapes and sizes. If you are uses DIY power tool your safety glasses should not only cover the front of your eyes but they should also cover the sides and top too to prevent dust particles getting into your eyes.

Many hardware stores sell shields that can easily be fitted over your normal glasses. These are satisfactory but if you work with tools on a regular basis it may be more beneficial to buy a specially fitted pair of safety glasses that contain polycarbonate lenses.

In order to be rated as safety glasses, both the frame and the lenses must adhere to ANSI standards.

When Eye Injuries Occur ?

If a piece of wood or metal gets into your eyes they can scratch or even tear the epithelium. This can be very painful and can also affect your vision permanently. If anything like this should happen it is important to see your eye care practitioner immediately. Your eyes may need to be flushed out with a saline solution or you may need to attend your local hospital.

If your job involves working with harmful chemicals, your workplace should have a special sink area where you can wash your eyes out in a hurry. Special safety face shields should also be worn to protect both your face and your eyes from chemical splashes.

Eye injuries are the easiest of injuries to avoid and the simple answer to them is to wear safety glasses. All you need to do to prevent eye injuries is to keep them covered. No matter what situation you are in, if protecting your eyes is involved there will be an eye protection product available.

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